Thursday, February 11, 2016

Term Limits Convention: One down, 33 to Go!

In the end, it was nearly unanimous. With no 'nay' votes in the House at the end of January and perhaps three in the Senate yesterday, the Florida legislature approved the Term Limits Convention application with voice votes.

With this bipartisan vote, Florida became the first state to officially request an amendment convention limited to the issue of Congressional term limits under Article V of the U.S. Constitution.

Under Article V, if two-thirds of the states request such a convention, Congress 'shall' call it. States will send delegates to craft the amendment and then it would be sent to the states for ratification by three-quarters of them, or 38.

The victory in Florida was a boost to the 12 other states with active Term Limits Convention campaigns under way. These are Alaska, Utah, Colorado, Missouri, Louisiana, South Dakota, Tennessee, West Virginia, Michigan, Alabama, Georgia and South Carolina.

Special thanks to Florida Rep. Larry Metz and Sen. Aaron Bean for taking the lead as sponsors on these bills, attending to the committee battles and bringing them to successful final votes. 

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  1. Could someone send me a copy of the final bill for this so I can help keep things coordinated and we don't get numerous bills with different language that will keep us in courts for years.

  2. I love in Georgia and want to get it passed here. I am a former State Legislator from Indiana and will work with my contacts there to get it sponsored and passed in Indiana while they are still in session.

  3. Yes, I both "love" and "live" in Georgia with my wife of 55 years!!!!