Monday, January 25, 2016

ACTION ALERT: Term Limits Convention to get floor vote!

It is decision time.

Will Florida become the first state to officially apply for the Term Limits Convention to propose a constitutional amendment to reform the U.S. Congress?

We will find out this week, as HM 417 and SM 630 have passed all four of their committee hurdles and have been scheduled for a floor vote in the House. We expect quick successive votes on the measures, with the first on Wednesday or perhaps even sooner. (I will update this blog post as additional information is available.)

Your state reps need to hear from you today!  Go here to look up your reps and send them a quick email message urging them to vote 'yes' on the Term Limits Convention memorial HM 417 / SM 630.

There are currently Term Limits Convention campaigns in eight states, but Florida is positioned to be first across the finish line. This would be a victory in itself, but just as importantly it will give impetus to the seven other campaigns.


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  2. Term Limits is the only best answer to eliminating crony politicians who run as conservatives and then change to RINO’s once in office. And they get rich in the process while screwing the very people who put them in office.

  3. This is great news and a testament to Phil Blumel's incredible effort on behalf of we, the people. The dead wood that has stayed too long needs to be pruned and new growth, with ideas for TODAY's society, must take root. God bless you and thank you for all your have done, Phil.