Tuesday, October 18, 2011

KEEP 8-YEAR TERM LIMITS bumper sticker available!

The people spoke, approving 8-year term limits for the Sarasota County commission with 68 percent of the vote.

Local politicians blocked their implementation for years, but it looks like the Florida Supreme Court is coming to voters' rescue in a few months. In response, the commission is cobbling together a new scheme to abolish the voter-approved 8-year term limits and replace them with new 12-year limits with -- can you believe it? -- a new 12-year grandfather period for current commissioners.

So, it is time for the people to speak again. One way to do it is with this tasteful, high-quality vinyl bumper sticker: KEEP 8-YEAR TERM LIMITS. This sticker is easily removable without any damage to your vehicle. And, they're free.

To get one, go here and include your contact info including mailing address and you'll find one in your mailbox promptly. Thanks.

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