Thursday, August 9, 2012

Polk citizens celebrate victory over arrogant commissioners

It is a new day in Polk County, where voter-approved term limits continue to function without the cloud of a commission-led legal effort hanging above them.

As one citizen, Craig Foster of Winter Haven, noted in a letter to the The Ledger, just prior to this week's primary elections:

"August 14 will be an historic moment in Polk County. We will be replacing two county commissioners because the citizens of our county united a second time to impose term limits upon them.

"Those very commissioners spent our own tax dollars against us. As The Ledger reported, the commission used the office of the county attorney to fight us. But we prevailed."


Now there is only one county left in the state of Florida that continues to battle its citizens over term limits: Pinellas.

We will win if we put up a fight. Please help! Here's a list of ways you can help restore rule of law in Pinellas County.

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