Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Dr. Rich: Sarasota should take positive action on behalf of voters

In this blog I have been calling for the Sarasota County Commission to give up its desperate 6-year crusade against enforcing Sarasota County's voter-approved 8-year term limits law, accept the imminent state Supreme Court affirmation of county term limits laws, and then act in accordance with the law. In other words, the county commission should resign itself to the law and the clearly expressed will of the people.

But the local businessman, blogger and radio host known as Dr. Rich suggests that is not enough. In his view, the county commission is elected to serve the people and therefore should be taking positive action to implement the people's will.

He points out that the highest court to look at the issue of county commission term limits -- the 4th District Court of appeals -- has unanimously decided such term limits are constitutional and enforceable. Hence, Dr. Rich says in a new blog post, "What the County Commission should have done is direct County Attorney DeMarsh to support the ruling of the 4th DCA and request the Florida Supreme Court to issue a quick judgement in favor of the people of Sarasota County."

He's right, of course.

Unfortunately, the commission is going the opposite direction: floating a new referendum to replace the voter-approved 8-year term limits with 12-year term limits and -- the real reason for the change -- a new 12-year grandfather period for current commissioners.

The commission is taking action all right, but it is not to serve the voters, but only themselves.

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